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Retro & Vintage Wedding Photography

 Hi and thanks for dropping by, I am going to cover an increasingly popular style of wedding & photography in this blog, Vintage and Retro. Whether you are planning a dreamy 1950's wedding or maybe a swinging 1960's affair, I have lots of ideas that will ensure your  wedding photography is just as stylish and unique as the special day itself.

Over the last few years these styles or looks have become very popular, so what is it then ? I hear you say. Well there are allot of different ways to edit images to make them look Vintage or Retro. I always consult very closely with clients having this type of Wedding as there is often a very strong theme for the big day and the photography needs to compliment it. In essence the photos could be muted in colour and have a yellow, green, blue or red cast on them to give that vintage feel. The use of vignettes (the blackening around the edge of the image) is often widely used with this style of photography to very good affect.
If the muted look is not the stlye you are after, bright high contarast images can also fall into the Retro Vintage style. I have included a couple of these in the selection below. I do beleive though its not so much the name of 'the style' thats important, its what you like and what you want from your wedding photography.

So are you planning a Vintage or Retro Wedding ?, need a very creative & imaginative photographer ?, looking for someone to work closely with to create stunning images ?............please feel free to contact me then as your search is over!
 Below are just a few examples of Vintage/Retro editing of images, please bear in mind I work very closely with clients and tailor this type of photography and editing to their exact requirements, everyone is different and I like to think I can cater for all creative requests :). The vintage editing on these images is quite mild but if you are looking for something with even more impact, no problem just ask! :)

Thanks for looking
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